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"Well I do not know where to start in saying how highly I recommend Racheal as a pet sitter/walker/trainer, the list is endless, this lady REALLY knows her stuff. I have had dogs all my life, GSD, rescues, always big dogs, my last being an Akita x GSD x Rottweiler. He sadly died of a heart attack in December 2007. I have always believed that if you get a dog as a puppy, that dog grows with you and your family and is trainable/controllable. How wrong I was!!! After losing Beckham me and my daughter could not walk through the door without getting upset and so in January looked for a new puppy. We saw Tatum advertised in the ad mag as a malamute and we travelled 3 hours to go have a look, we had been reading up on malamutes and had decided that was the dog we wanted. We picked Tatum, brought him home and the nightmare began! We took Tatum to a puppy training class, (not Racheals), I took him to work with me, we walked for miles, but he did not respond at all. He chewed, he howled, he escaped, he learnt how to open the freezer, the child safety gates (yes 2 of them), he chewed his dog flap to bits and the list goes on and on. We were out of ideas and turned to the internet, bought books etc at first, then decided to look for a walker/trainer, and we found our saviour in Racheal. I gave her a call and she arranged a time to visit our home and meet Tatum and us. From here on the story is easy, within that first hour she had put Tatum in his place, gave us some well needed advice and we arranged to meet up at her training classes. As it turned out the training times were not convenient to us, but not deterred Racheal set aside different times and arrangements for us. Racheal showed us how we could start 'working' Tatum and he and we loved it! It then came to the crunch - Tatum being a 'pack' breed, should we get him a companion for his home alone times?? Racheal guided us through this all the way and we had Rya a Siberian Husky bitch, 1 year old. End of the story being we now have 2 totally happy pets, but we also have 2 totally happy working dogs, and my daughter now does cani-cross, bikejoring and dry mushing. We have been to Norfolk (Thetford Forest) for the weekend staying in a lovely hotel with the dogs! We have bikes, a new rig, and a new van!! We go to rallies with Racheal, we go to Sherwood forest training, we have lovely walks with happy sociable dogs, and I have a new friend who I owe such a lot too! I can honestly say I really do not know how we would have fared or Tatum for that matter if it had not been for that one call to Racheal. I know I can rely on her for those last minute panics when I have to call and ask her to sort the dogs or if we are away, and I know my home is safe too. Racheal walks my dogs at least once a week because of work commitments, and sometimes even picks them up out of the blue on a Friday and takes them training with her! If ever you need advice or training or a sitter or just someone to come meet your dog and give you some advice then please give Racheal a call you will not regret it"

Mrs J Barnes, Mountsorrel, Leicester.

"We have used Racheal's "Dog sitting" services on many occasions to look after Bella & Ike in our own home during our holidays. We have booked again this year which speaks for it's self in terms of how we regard Racheal and her professionalism. The dogs are exercised every day and when we return they are not "stressed" which they were when we have left them in kennels. The only thing that changes for the dogs is you are not there. Our property is always clean and tidy where the dogs have been no matter how long we are away for. Thank you, Racheal".

Darren & Cath Hudson, Loughborough

"Racheal has been first class with advice and help in regards to any questions you could ask! She doesn't teach anything she wouldn't do with her own dogs, so you know the advice you receive is tried and tested. She takes brilliant care of all her animals, and we couldn't be happier with the little girl we got from her, Meesha. A wonderful bitch with matching temperament, thanks for everything Racheal!"

Mr Lewis, Burbage, Leicestershire.

"For the last 5 years I have found you invaluable as a friend and a brilliant transporter. I would recommend you to anyone looking for transport services. There have been many occasions you have transported puppies and adult dogs from Devon to Scotland and all over the UK. In recent times at the drop of hat you have put yourself out and gone to great lengths to transport in and out of Europe for my kennels. I have always been impressed with your efficiency and price are competitive. NO doubt you will transport many more Shoshone dogs in the future. Very nice website, look forward to seeing updates in the future"

Good luck and best wishes From Andre, Shoshone kennels , Devon.

"We have been pleased with the advice and care that Racheal has provided for us and can always ring if there is a problem. Her dedication to her dogs is well known. She also provides a sitting service which can also be helpful as we are not keen to put our dogs in kennels".

Jackie, Peterborough.

"Just a quick thank you - for saving me worrying when in France about the pets. All very well on our return late Saturday night so thank you again for everything".

Mrs Tardy, Leicester.

"Great site Racheal. Wondeful dogs as my Ylva prooves, keep up the good work".

Kim, Wakefield.

"Great website Racheal. your dogs are a real credit to you keep up the good work".

Kate Hearne, Stormlake GSD's

"Hi, I just wanna say how much I enjoy taking my dogs to Akna K9 and how brilliant it is, also how well my dogs are that i got from you. They are stunning dogs and well behaved, I would recommend Racheal and Akna K9 to anyone, thanks for all your help and advice you have given me".

Sadie, Loughborough

"Racheal. Thankyou for looking after me when mum was away", Milly. "I would recomend Racheal to anyone, she knows her stuff. I did not have to worry about Milly as I knew she was in great hands. She also gives you loads of helpful tips".

Delice, Birstall.

"Sites looking great, definately recommend Racheal especially if your considering breeding, as she has given me lots of support and advice, thanks for all your help xx".

Jolene, Woodhouse Eaves.

"Just to say we really enjoy our friday night agility, thanks for all your help".

Rob, Chloe and Rosie, Leicester

"Racheal has really helped me with my beautiful dog Kaia. I not only bought my dog from her she has helped me with any problems and been there for me if i need her".

Claire and Kaia, Anstey Lane, Leicester.

"Lovely website. Your dogs are stunning".

Accalia Northern Inuits.

"Racheal is a dear friend of mine and I have seen her work with the most difficult dogs and their owners! She is kind and confident and is always there to offer support and guidance. She helps humans understand dogs and address any issue no matter how small or difficult. She would never harm any animal and I would trust her with my life and that of my babies (dogs). It is a shame that more human beings are not like her. She is able to teach animals to behave in a respectful way but more importantly teach people to respect animals with love and kindness".

Sarah, Devon