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Welcome to the website of Akna.

The business Akna K9 Academy offers a range of Pet Services.

Akna is also the home of quality Canadian Eskimo Dogs (also known as Canadian Inuit Dogs) & beautiful Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs.

Akna K9 Academy

Solely owned & operated by Racheal Bailey BSY (Pet Psy) Racheal is from a long line of ancestors with animal interests including her Great Uncle who was a naturalist & explorer during the late 1800's who himself was admired by Charles Darwin & discovered the mimicry theory in butterfly species, named after her famous Uncle the "Batesian" mimicry.

Visit: Henry Walter Bates The Naturalist for more information.

Racheal has lots of relevant experience & qualifications to support her with running an animal care business. She has owned & worked with many types of pets including exotics, reptiles, horses & farm livestock. Racheal has also worked, shown, bred & cared for cats & dogs for over 30 years. In particular pedigree cats Siamese, Burmese & Oriental's that her Grandparents were involved in the very early 1900's & many breeds of dog including various crossbreeds, Akita's, GSD's, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, Boxers, Korean Jindo's, Mastiffs & Canadian Eskimo Dogs. Racheal has not only the experience but has also gained qualifications to support her knowledge. This includes a very impressive list of animal & land based learning achievements as listed below. As well as up to date Animal First Aid Courses (All certificates are available on request along with valid & up to date insurance policy held with Pet Business Insurance).

National Diploma in Animal Management studied at Brooksby Melton College, Leicestershire. With the highest grade of "Triple Distinction Distinction Distinction"

Principles of Animal Science 1 & 2: Distinction

Nutrition: Distinction

Practical Animal Handling & Husbandry: Distinction

Industry Experience: Distinction

Breed Development & Welfare: Distinction

Animal Behaviour: Distinction

Breeding: Distinction

Animal Health: Distinction

Animal Nursing: Distinction

Management of Exotics: Distinction

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Management: Distinction

Care & Welfare of Farm Livestock: Distinction

Working with Cats & Dogs: Distinction

Biochemistry & Microbiology: Merit

Ecology & Conservation: Distinction

Racheal also went on to complete a Pet Psychology Qualification with the BSY College, which she passed with 90% This now entitles her to use the letters BSY (Pet Psy) behind her name.

Racheal has also completed & passed her Microchip implantation course via The Pet Chip Company, which is now a legal and compulsory obligation for breeders and dog owners.

Racheal has also completed several Kennel Club seminars including Hands On Conformation & Movement Assessment, points of the dog with a total of 50/50, Requirements of a Show Judge and Critique Writing. As well as attended and organised several Canadian Eskimo Dog Club Of Great Britain Breed Seminars.

Work related experience has comprised of working for Greenacres Kennels breeders of Japanese Akita's & boarding facility, Good Companions Pet Shop, previously one of the top Boxer Kennel's in the world, Faerdorn. This included mating of dogs, whelping of bitches, training & running a dog boarding facility, RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre, Bell, Brown & Bentley Veterinary Surgery, Ginns & Gutteridge Funeral Directors, Blaby Dog Warden Service & The Defence Animal Centre, Melton Mowbray. Racheal has also written for many magazines including the PDSA, Leicestershire Magazine & The Forest.

Akna K9 Academy have also helped to raise money for charities, given demo's at charity events & large canine related events, competed in a range of canine sports, shows & competitions & more.

Here at Akna we dont just care & train dogs. Whether you are looking for a reliable dog walker, someone to feed your feline or other pets whilst away on holidays or help with a training issue here at Akna you can be rest assured that your pet is our priority & we can offer that personal touch along with experienced, qualified advice and fully insured.